Book Studies to Deepen Your Relationship With God

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God Notes and Beyond the Book Study Course

Join me in a transformative 4-Week Book Study

This is perfect to do alone, or even better to share with your book study group or Bible study group.

You’ll receive:

Join author, Jackie Trottmann, in a four-week journey through God Notes – Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement Beyond the Book. This course was created to be a companion with the book and to go beyond the book and explore the 8 Chapters with the awareness of God’s presence: 


People who have gone through this course have had the same experience as the author in writing God Notes by listening to God, delving into Scripture, and experiencing God’s presence in a deeper way. 


This is a great done-for-you program that you can use for your church or book group. 

Recordings are approximately one hour in length. 

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Is the View of How God Truly Sees You
and How You See God in Focus?

Do you sometimes feel that what you do and who you are is not always enough? Has religion caused you to have a distorted view of God, feeling guilt, shame, unworthiness, and disillusioned? 

It’s all about relationship. Healthy relationships foster joy, wholeness, and love. That’s what being in relationship with God means. 

I’ll help you bring God’s view into focus so that you can experience more joy and flow in your life. To let go of your struggles, of not doing or being enough, and to let God love you, lead you, and guide you. 

In this four-week book study we will dive into God Notes – Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement. You’ll learn what God’s view is of us and the Scripture that supports that view. 

The study will be through 4 guides, 4 videos, and 4 audios so that if you don’t have time to sit down and watch, you can listen on the go.  

Are you ready to bring God’s view into focus to experience more joy and flow in your life? Are you ready to refresh and renew your spirit? 

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Can a Book and Course Really Change Your Life?

You will receive:

Grab your copy of The Freedom to Eat on Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble

Or a signed copy with the Book Study.

Here’s an example of two lives that were changed. 

“Since I finished the book and course, I have changed shape and am not hating myself when I look in the mirror. I am enjoying walks with my dogs, belly dancing, and now tap dancing! I concentrate on enjoyment and the love of dance instead of judging myself. I have never felt better! Thank you!” – Dawn

“Your study and book helped me to think back to my childhood when I first started using food for comfort. You made me realize how my relationship with food produced a life-long struggle. I’m now aware of destructive habits and have created new habits. I’m finding more enjoyment doing things I love and not being obsessed with food. You’ve helped me to realize that my true comfort is knowing that no matter what, I am always loved by God. Thank you!” – Sharon

Will you find freedom? Go now to purchase the book and study.

Are you ready to let go of trying to be perfect and feeling that you are falling short? (Just spend a few minutes on your Facebook feed to see everyone else’s “perfect” lives.)

Are you ready to let go of comparing yourself to others? 

Are you ready to let go of behaviors that don’t serve you – like eating when you are stressed, sad, or even happy? 

Are you ready to find lasting weight loss (emotional, spiritual and physical weight) and inner peace through radical self-care? 

I’ll help you do that and more through the 10 Secrets that have allowed me to experience lasting weight loss and inner peace for eighteen years. 

The physical weight is easy – really. Having a peaceful mind and spirit is an on-going process!

But until you master your thoughts and nurture your mind, body, and spirit, you will continue to struggle and not be free. 

Join me in having the freedom to live your life with joy, ease, and flow. 

Your freedom is waiting!