Endorsements And Reviews for God Notes and Meditations

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God Notes Easter Special

Easter Special – 99 Cents Kindle Version – Save $9.00

God Notes will make a great gift for Mother’s Day and Graduation gifts. You can buy 10 for the regular price of one.


When I purchased “God Notes” I already had three (3) devotional books that I read every morning. “God Notes” is my fourth devotional and it has been the book that I now reach for first every day. The words touch my soul and it feels as if God is truly talking to me. Thank you, Jackie, for sharing what God said to you. This book is a winner. ~ Ronda

God Notes truly is like hearing from God each and every time I read it. I typically open Jackie’s book at random to see what God has to say and every time, I find I’ve landed on just the perfect page with just the perfect message. Perhaps it’s serendipitous…or perhaps it’s that author Jackie Trottmann has simply written nearly 400 perfect messages that were divinely inspired. Jackie, thank you for listening so intently to the words God has whispered in your ear that so many need to hear and writing them all exactly as you heard them! This book will be well worn by year’s end and it will remain close at hand for many more years to come. ~ Aprille

I have had God Notes for about 2 weeks and just love it! It is the perfect devotional to start your day, end your day, or pick you up and encourage you in the middle of your day. Written as a personal note from God to your heart, the technique will surprise you at how smoothly the note flows and will resonate with your spirit. It also serves as an innovative way to say grace before meals. It is amazing that something like this that does not require a lot of time to read can bring me so much joy and make perfect sense! I have known Jackie as a Facebook friend and have been following her for several years. I have been blessed beyond measure by all she shares with us through a weekly e-mail encouragement piece entitled The Guided Life Ezine, as well as all her guided meditation CD’s that I still use. Thank you Jackie for blessing us with God Notes. You are truly connected to the Holy Spirit. I will be sharing it with all my faithful friends. ~ George

Endorsements for Be Still, Let it Go, Trust Meditations

Would like to let you know I send your link in all of my new patient emails and it has blessed many. One patient told me she was using the deep breathing technique (from Be Still) while having an MRI and it really helped her relax. It is so refreshing to see a Christian version of meditation. Melissa Bennett, ND





Your programs have been and ARE such a blessing to me. Your meditations are a help to me as I trust God in navigating this journey of healing & restoration. Life is becoming Brighter for me. They also help my family. When Daddy is doing well, everyone else in the house does better. Thank you! If it helps one person, it is all worth it. :-) God bless & keep you, Jonathan





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