Is Your View Of God Out of Focus?

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How Does Your View of God Become Distorted?

Religion can be a wonderful thing. It can help us bring context to our faith. But if that context is distorted with what I call religious speak of sin and being constantly told how we don’t measure up, we can feel disappointed and disillusioned. And worse, we can feel that God is disappointed in us. 

Who needs to hear that when your inner critic tells you that you aren’t doing or being enough anyway? 

No wonder church attendance is plummeting and people will be quick to say that they are “not religious” but spiritual. 

The truth is, it’s not about religion anyway, it’s about relationship – our relationship with God. 

If your view of God is that of the great scorekeeper in the sky (like my view was), I hope that this little eBook and short audio book will bring God’s view into focus for you – the view of a loving God and how God views you.

May the words God put on my heart to share touch your heart too so that you can live with joy, flow, and freedom knowing Whose you are. 

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With joy and gratitude,

Jackie Trottmann