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To Transform your life through meditation is a bold statement, but I have completely transformed my life after I tried it one day out of shear desperation. 

Meditation has been in the news about relieving stress and anxiety. Physicians and spiritual teachers have taught the benefits of meditation from a physical and spiritual perspective. Frankly, I had no interest until one crazy work day.

You see, my concept of meditation was sitting and doing “nothing”. I was a busy marketing executive. I didn’t have time to do “nothing”! That all changed after listening to a guided meditation CD for 10 minutes a day for a week.


Spiritual Points


The results were immediate:

  • I was less anxious and more calm
  • The crazy conference calls that drove me to meditation magically stopped (I can’t explain this one!)
  • I began to listen more and hear more what people were saying and, as a result, I become less judgmental
  • I became less reactive to situations


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The next week I went on to the 20 minute version because my outlook had changed from, “I can only afford 10 minutes,” to, “I can’t afford not to spend more time meditating.” More changes took place:

  • All the benefits I experienced above intensified
  • My thinking became very clear
  • Decisions were easier
  • I became very clear of what I wanted in my life
  • I seemed to have more time and accomplished more

Why did I experience all of these benefits? First, I was able to clear all of the clutter of thoughts from my mind that weren’t serving me and second,

My relationship deepened with God.

While I had been on a spiritual path for the last ten years and had an active prayer life, I wasn’t doing a lot of listening. I was doing all of the talking! Meditation allows us to listen to God.


Spiritual Points


Learning to be still has transformed my life. I quit the consulting job I had and started my own marketing and consulting business. While it’s been rewarding to help companies with their online and offline businesses, I am pursuing my dream of writing and creating. This all came about by learning to be still for twenty minutes a day.

At times it’s been extremely difficult, but I feel such a peace and a clarity about my life which I never had before I practiced meditation.


Creating “Be Still” Meditation CD Was a Product (literally) of my Meditation Practice


The meditation technique that I learned involved using a mantra and the sound of “ohm.” It was not quiet but loud. The first week I scared my cat and my golden retriever wanted to play! So, even though it was effective and the music was okay, I was looking for a quiet practice that could be done anywhere with some beautiful music that would transport me to a spiritual place.

Enter Steve Schenkel

Steve Schenkel Be Still Composer


Professor of Music, Media, and Religion at Webster University, St. Louis, staff guitarist for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, St. Louis Municipal Opera, Fox Theatre and composer of many film scores and documentaries.

I had known Steve from working out at the same gym. It was just after he had played a concert at my church that I mentioned I was thinking about doing a meditation CD. Without any hesitation he said, “I’ve always wanted to do a meditation CD, let’s do it!”

So, within a few weeks I was writing, recording and producing “Be Still”. Steve composed and performed the beautiful music.



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I wanted others to experience all of the wonderful benefits I had by practicing meditation. In addition, I wanted to create a beautiful meditation experience. It had to be:

  • Simple – The instructions are easy to understand and focus on the Psalm 46:10 from which the practice is taken which is, “Be still and know that I am God.”
  • Quiet – The meditations focus on breathing and do not require a mantra or affirmations to repeat. The quiet nature makes it possible to use this meditation at home, in the office or the car. (Please don’t close your eyes when driving.)
  • Flexible – There are two guided meditations. One shorter version just over nine minutes and a longer version that is almost fifteen minutes. Depending on your time, you have a choice. There is also a music only track that is almost fifteen minutes long that you can use for meditation or as background music.

Focusing on breathing brings you immediately into the present moment, helps relieve stress and helps clear out toxins in the body.



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You can listen to the instructions here.

Be Still and Know that I am God Meditation CD



Listen to a sample from Cut Number 4.



Listen to a sample from Cut Number 5, Meditative Music.


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Testimonials for Be Still

I was struggling with depression and panic attacks.  My doctor sugested meditation. Being a Christian women I was very leary of meditation and the things I had heard about it. So, when I Googled meditation CD, I put in Christian meditation CD’s. Jackie’s CD Be Still and Know that I am GOD came up.  The CD not only taught me how to meditate to stop my depression and panic attacks, but I learned how to be still and listen for God’s answers. This CD was and is still changing my life. I even travel with it and use it on my portable CD player! Please let me know of any future CDs you plan to do!

Blessings, Carol


Hi Jackie

I just LOVE your Meditation CD. It has really gotten me into meditation. I set my alarm for 3 p.m. and when it sounds, I light a candle, silence my phone and do the guided meditations. It makes the rest of my workday go much easier, and even if I don’t think I have the time, I know I can spare 10 minutes, if not 15. I know I deserve it, and it’s a sad state if I think I cannot devote that time to myself. If anyone believes they cannot meditate, this is the perfect vehicle to show them that they can, and that the rewards received for that short amount of time will enhance their coping mechanisms. Actually, I don’t have to set the alarm anymore. I look forward to the time where I can shut out the world and look inward.




Your CD invites me to enter an inner quiet, a place where I can breathe deep and find refreshment. For me, it is like taking daily walks in a soft rain on the beach (which is my favorite way to let go and refresh). In the midst of the busyness of life, peace finds me, renews me, and reminds me who (or whose) I really am. Thank you!



Your voice is EASY to listen to and your instruction is both helpful to a beginner and offers a good experience as well! I commend you. We’ll use your CD in Timber Creek’s library — in the: “Instructions on Meditation” section. People will be helped immensely.

Hugs to you!

Tom Jacobs

Your composer did a really great job. The music is nice and peaceful and added to (rather than overpowered) the meditation.  I also like the idea of the different meditation lengths – sometimes I don’t have the time to fit in a 20 minute meditation (isn’t that pathetic?…the world has become so busy).  Also, it’s nice to do the 20 minute meditation in the early morning when I have more time, and the shorter meditation over the lunch hour or during the evening.


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Order your copy of “Be Still” below. There are two options to purchase. You can download the CD or you can order a physical copy. Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy! You will receive full instructions to download.

Order your copy of “Be Still” below. There are two options to purchase. You can download the CD tracks or you can order a physical copy. With either purchase you will receive the downloads sent via email immediately. You can also listen online immediately after you receive the email confirmation. Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy! You will receive full instructions to download.

In addition, you’ll receive a transcript of the CD and additional instructions to help you receive the most from your meditation practice.



1. My Transformation Story (8:11)
2. Preparation – Getting the most out  of your practice (2:35)
3. Guided Meditation – Short Version
4. Guided Meditation – Long Version
5. Meditative/Relaxing Music (14:35)











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Because meditation and being still has so transformed my life, I am passionate about helping others transform their lives too by tapping into this powerful tool.

My sincere desire is that you will experience the power of clearing clutter from your mind and allowing the peace of God to fill your mind and life by learning to be still.


Jackie Trottmann Creator of "Be Still"

P.S. You will be directed to a thank you page after our purchase. Downloads are delivered when ordered, any time of the day or night. Please contact us if you don’t receive an email from us.



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