Guided Meditation

Guided meditation can be through a recording like a CD or download or through a class. Instruction is given to walk you or Guided Meditatioins Quiet the Mind Quicklyguide you through a meditation process or practice.


If you read the bio section about me, you discovered that I was driven to meditation through a series of events in my work life. I viewed meditation as doing I Needed to Clear My Mind to Not Lose My Mindnothing for 10 minutes. I was a busy marketing executive.  I didn’t have time to do nothing for 10 minutes. That all changed after one final event drove me to seek help in clearing my mind so that I wouldn’t lose my mind! Meditation is the furthest thing from doing nothing. Spending time being anxious, stressed and worrying is life sucking. Spending time in meditation and quieting the mind is life giving.



Learning how to quiet the mind can be challenging. I’ve seen figures that we have upwards of 60,000 thoughts a day. Learning to Quiet the Mind Can Be ChallengingAdvertisers bombard us with marketing to the tune of up to 5,000 messages a day. That translates to a lot of clutter in the mind. I needed guidance to help me clear those cluttered thoughts because I was not capable of quieting my mind on my own.  As a result, I turned to a guided meditation CD to help me.

The goal is to clear clutter from the mind, so that you can be present for God. The benefits will be to gain clarity, peace, become more loving, become less reactive to situations, become less judgmental, and to be more like the example that Jesus set for us. A guided meditation can help clear those cluttered thoughts and focus on being present before God. Clearing cluttered thoughts of stress, being overwhelmed, worry, self-criticism and fear will clear up space to receive peace, love, guidance and wholeness.

If you need help with quieting your mind, I’ve created a guided meditation CD with meditative music based on Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”



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These guided meditations combined with beautiful music are based on Psalm 46:10 - "Be still and know that I am God." Quiet your mind and experience God's presence. (Click on the picture to listen to samples, and purchase.)


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These relaxing guided meditations combined with beautiful music will help you to enter into a deeper place of trust in God, others, and yourself. (Click on the picture to listen to samples, read testimonials and purchase.)

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