How Meditation and Mindfulness Increase Clarity and Direction

Meditation and Mindfulness for Clarity and Direction


Meditation and mindfulness can help increase clarity and direction. When the mind is clear from anxious, fearful, and cluttered thoughts, clarity happens. With this clarity comes the opportunity to be mindful, or thoughtful about the various options that you are contemplating.


Through meditation and mindfulness you can begin to thoughtfully respond to life rather than react. Reacting, or being impulsive, is not being mindful or thoughtful. In any situation where you need to make a decision, it’s important to be clear on all sides of the matter. By responding and not reacting, it’s possible to step back as an impartial observer of any situation. As an impartial observer it’s easy to see the pros and cons of any situation. When there is clarity, it’s easy to choose the right direction.


Meditation and mindfulness allow you to tap into instinct and to what your heart and soul are feeling as opposed to just what your mind is processing. I call this: listening to the still small voice inside of you.


I believe that we all have a still small voice that leads us and guides us. It’s our built in GPS system that shows us the way when we are mindful and pay attention to it. Learning to be still, practicing meditation and mindfulness allows you to be able to listen to this still small voice of truth inside of you. When you make decisions from more of a spiritual or intuitive level, those decisions are usually more often right.


Meditation and mindfulness allow you not just to depend on your mind and intellect, but to tune into your heart and soul for what truly matters. When you are able to accomplish this, you are able to find clarity and direction almost instantly.

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