How Meditation and Mindfulness Increase Productivity

Meditation and Mindfulness to Increase Productivity


Meditation and mindfulness increase productivity by helping to produce focus. As a former multitasker, I took great pride in being able to do multiple tasks at one time…. or so I thought.  Multitasking is a myth. You cannot be fully productive when you are not focused on one activity at a time. Productivity involves focus.


Everyone would like to increase their productivity. The problem is that we seem to be more time poor than ever. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Distractions are all around us. Deadlines, commitments, never ending to do lists, unexpected technology problems, emergencies with family such as sick children, caring for elderly parents, etc., throw our best laid plans and productivity out the window. Being mindful of these distractions and interruptions helps to manage them so that it’s possible to choose what is most important.


Meditation and mindfulness frees the mind to allow space to make decisions quickly and effectively. Choices need to be made, sometimes minute by minute, as to what top priorities are. With many workers having children and also aging parents, there is more stress and demand put on these individuals more than ever. The fact of the matter is that something is going to suffer. Either work will suffer or relationships will suffer when doing the most productive thing at that moment is not done.


Being overwhelmed, keeping endless to do lists in your head, allowing thoughts of fear and anxiety to fill your brain, hindering productivity.


Meditation and mindfulness allow space to happen in all areas of your life. This space is especially apparent in decision-making and in conversations.


Meditation and mindfulness allow you to be a better listener. This also means having a better understanding of what people are saying. This not only happens in verbal communication, but it happens in written communication, especially in the form of emails.


Truly understanding what someone is communicating in an email takes sitting with the text for a few focused minutes. It does not require an immediate response. All thoughtful communication involves a mindful response. If blame or emotions enter a situation, a string of reactive emails will drastically reduce productivity and harm relationships.


Sadly, much of the corporate world is based on the motivation philosophy of the carrot and the stick. Job security has become a thing of the past and many people work with fear and stress. There is a reward for taking action as soon as possible. The reward isn’t necessarily a thank you or appreciation or some plaque or trophy, the reward is the temporary relief of keeping one’s job.


When the mind is quiet and not full of cluttered, anxious or fearful thoughts, you have the ability to focus. Focus leads to clarity. Clarity leads to action. Action leads to productivity.


Meditation and mindfulness are two powerful tools that will help you increase your productivity.

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