How to Journal Your Way to Healing, Clarity, Creativity, Peace, Joy, and Connecting More Deeply with God

Jackie Trottmann Journaling

Have you ever journaled? If you have, then you might already enjoy its benefits.

But, if you have never journaled before or haven’t been consistent in your journaling, this class will provide everything you need to start or begin again.

Journaling will enrich your life in so many ways.

I can tell you through my own experience how it has enriched mine. It’s also transforming the lives of those who have taken the Journal Class from recording moments to share with children and grandchildren to connecting more deeply with God.

Here's What Others Have Experienced

“I was seeking for the
internal me to be at peace.
Through the journal class
I started writing. It’s helped me
find that peace within
and to stop focusing on
all the outside to do’s
that cause so much anxiety.”
Sue – Canada

“This class was great!
It made me want to journal.
Great information,
teaching, and learning.
God has already
started to reveal answers
I’ve been seeking
through journaling.”
Melinda – Virginia

“The encouragement and
journaling strategies I learned
in Jackie’s journaling class
helped me be more intentional
and more consistent
in my daily devotional time.
As a result, I continue to
grow in faith and experience transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend this class.”
Susan – Missouri

What Will Journaling Do for You?

What is Covered in the Class?

In the class I cover four types of journaling. I also read examples of each type from my own personal journals. Attendees find this the most helpful in understanding how each type of journaling can be applied to their own lives. 


“There were lots of nuggets from the class. But the biggest nugget for me was when you were talking about how you used to mostly write from a place of angst, but now you write with more positivity and joy. I can easily see myself writing from that place of angst. So, the travel and moments section challenged me to not just put the negative on paper, but to journal about the positive, beautiful things outside of and in the midst of a storm.” Collette


Class Days and Times

Classes are held on Zoom.

There are two opportunities to join the class. One is in a lunch and learn format. Take a lunch break and learn the power of journaling. The class will be a great pick-me-up to your day! Dates are Tuesday, November 1 from 11am-12:30pm central time, 12:00pm-1:30pm eastern time and a follow up class to share your experience and ask questions on Tuesday, November 15 at the same time. 

The second option is on Saturday, November 5 from 10:00am-11:30am central time, 11:00am-12:30 eastern time with a follow-up class on Saturday, November 19 to share your experience and ask questions.

The first class is instruction and discussion. The second class is for you to share your journaling experience that you have put into practice.

Classes are held on Zoom.  

Lunch and Learn Journal Class Tuesday Nov. 1 and 15

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and Learn Class


Journal Class Nov. 5 and 19

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Along with the class are two reunions held each year for you to connect with others on your journaling journey. 

Picture of Our Journal Class Reunion

Here is a time converter if you are in another country. Put in 11:00am-12:30pm central time St. Louis for the Tuesday class time, and for the Saturday class 10-am-11:30am central time St. Louis to convert.

Can't Attend Live? Click the Image Below to Take the Class On Your Time - Plus, You Will Be Included in the Live Reunions

Journaling Saved My Life

I started journaling as a teenager. This wasn’t the cute kind of pink diary with a lock on the outside. This was journaling to save my life. That may sound dramatic, but the teenage years are tumultuous enough with all the changes going on within the body. You’re also not a kid anymore and are faced to make life decisions like college or a career. Then there’s the added pressure of peers and comparison. Social media hadn’t been around when I was a teenager, so I can’t even imagine what it is like for teens now.

Added to all that were my father’s violent outbursts due to alcoholism and his then undiagnosed bi-polar disorder. He was verbally and physically abusive towards my mother. I walked on emotional eggshells trying to stay out of the way and not trigger a rage.

There was no one to talk to. It was our family’s big secret. The other kids I hung out with from church had loving parents. So, I talked to my journal. I would write pages and pages on legal pads or spiral notebooks.

I expressed my feelings. I poured those onto the page and to God. Without knowing, I was eliminating stress and keeping it from bottling me up on the inside. It was therapy.

On tear-stained pages, I had contemplated suicide, taking pills and ending the pain. That’s why I say that journaling saved my life.

Journaling is still a lifeline for me. Writing helps me get through my deepest darkest times. It helps me to stop feeling sorry for myself when I compare myself to others and their accomplishments.

It helps me to see how far I’ve come and when I sound like a broken record and need to make a change.

Journaling also brings me clarity, inspiration, peace, and joy! I realized that in the past, all I wrote about was pain. It kept me blocked as a writer. Why? Because I only wrote in my journal when I was experiencing pain. Writing was painful! I realized that from looking at my journals.

Now my journals are full of more joyful experiences, nuggets of wisdom I’ve collected, and observations I’ve made.

Journaling is also my daily connection to God. It has become a primary way to pray, to talk to God, and to listen to God.

That’s why I want to share this powerful tool with you in two live 90-minute journaling classes.

I’ve gone from note pads to the bound book variety that line many of the shelves in my office bookcase.


Discover the Power of Journaling in Two Live 90-Minute Online Classes

What Will Be Covered in the First Class

Classes will be held live on Zoom. In the first class you will learn about the power of journaling, it’s benefits, and the various ways to journal. (Each of these pictures illustrates four of many examples of how to journal.) 

Picture to Illustrate Types of Journaling

There Will Be 2 Weeks Between the First and Second Class

These two weeks between the first and second class are for you to apply what you learned from the first class to experience the power of journaling for yourself.

What Will Be Covered in the Second Class

In the second class, we will meet to share your journaling experience with one another and to have a time of questions and answers.

In my many years of conducting and attending online classes, one of the most enlightening and life-giving parts is interacting with others who share a common desire. 

When we share with one another we learn. We also find comfort and strength in knowing that we are not alone with our questions and struggles.

There is no correct way to journal, with one exception, the way you discover that is right for you! 

What You Will Need, Receive and FAQs

The class is held on Zoom. You will need to download the Zoom app (it’s free) and have an Internet connection.

You will receive a copy of the video and the audio as well as the PowerPoint slides.

The class will be recorded so that you can go back to the information again and again.

Upon purchase, you will receive a welcome email confirmation with the details. This email may take a few minutes. If you don’t receive the email within an hour, please email me at . Also, check your spam or junk folder because, unfortunately, many emails land there.

You will receive email reminders, but please mark the dates on your calendar. 

The Zoom link will be sent prior to the class.  

It is highly encouraged that you attend live. Interacting with others is fun and uplifting. But if you can’t, you won’t miss any of the training.   

Class Days and Times

Lunch and Learn Journal Class Tuesday Nov. 1 and 15
Journal Class Nov. 5 and 19

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What to Bring

I look forward to teaching you about the life-giving practice of journaling. 

With joy and gratitude,

Jackie Trottmann Teaching Journaling
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