Meditation and Mindfulness for Personal Effectiveness

Michael Jordan

Meditation and mindfulness increase personal effectiveness. This is the over arching benefit derived from practicing meditation and mindfulness. Three other major benefits by practicing meditation and/or mindfulness are creativity, productivity, clarity and direction.


These four benefits all build upon each other. When you are creative, productive, clear, and have direction, you are tapping into our personal effectiveness.


I remember a quote from the great basketball player Michael Jordan, who responded to a coach’s criticism telling him to be more of a team player. The coach said (paraphrasing) that there was no “I” in the word TEAM. Jordan’s response was that there was no “I” in team, but there was an “I” in WIN.


History showed that the Chicago Bulls became one of sport’s great dynasties. It “was” a team effort, but each player contributed by being personally effective. Michael Jordan won six championships with the Bulls.


If you are part of a team, it’s important to be a team player. However, a team is much greater when everyone is working at their personal best and brings their personal effectiveness to the team. That’s where winning comes in. (By the way, Bulls coach, Phil Jackson, was a big believer in meditation and mindfulness practices.)


I would like to say that we are all part of the part of a team. And that team is the human race. Practicing meditation and mindfulness makes us aware that we are all in this together.


You may just think about your family unit or where you work as your team. But meditation and mindfulness opens up the meaning of how we are all in this together.


I would ask the question, are you mindful of how we are all connected? An example I would use is food at the grocery store. We all go to the grocery store at some point during the week. How mindful are you, though, of how many people were involved with bringing that food to the marketplace?


If you purchased strawberries, there is a farmer who planted the seeds or cuttings for the strawberries to grow. There are the workers who picked the strawberries to take them to the plant. There’s the manufacturing plant that prepared the strawberries and packaged them for the market. There is the freight line that carried the strawberries to your supermarket. There’s the supermarket that purchased the strawberries and the person who stocked the strawberries to sell. There is the cashier at the supermarket who collected your money in order for you to buy the strawberries. That is what I mean about being mindful and about how we are all connected.


If the farmer is not personally effective in doing the best that he can possibly do to create a good strawberry, it affects the rest of the chain of people that are involved with those strawberries. Everybody’s personal effectiveness is required to deliver the product.


Meditation and mindfulness allow you to be conscious of the importance of your work and recognize your reason for being the best that you can be.


Sadly, I heard a statistic on the radio that 81% of people would work harder on their job if they were only appreciated. It takes so little to say thank you or a kind word, yet it rarely happens.


In my 25 years in corporate sales, I can count a handful of times when I was verbally appreciated. I was fortunate because in the sales arena, salespeople are regarded as the bread and butter of the corporation. After all, the revenue comes in through salespeople. So, in the hierarchy of positions, salespeople are usually rewarded.


The first reward given for their efforts is through commissions. The more they sell, the more they can make. The second reward can be in the form of awards, prizes and incentives. I was fortunate to have some very mindful management that I worked for where I felt appreciated. On the other hand, there were many managers where I didn’t feel this way. Ultimately, I left the corporate world.


Every month was a new month with a new budget to hit. The affect of any appreciation was short-lived as the mantra became, “Okay that was last month, now it’s a new month. Meet or beat your goal again.”  Or the classic, “What have you done for me lately?”


What happens to all the support people who are not getting the commissions and not getting the recognition? They do as little as they can, many times, to get by. That’s because they have been conditioned by being beaten down or not treated with respect or appreciation. It’s sad and unfortunate but it is easy to develop an attitude of why bother?


But there is a problem with this uncaring attitude. It causes stress and internal conflict. I believe that most people want to do their best. It’s stressful when you go against your own values. That’s why, I believe, many people turn to smoking, over eating, shopping, alcohol, excessive television viewing, video games, hours on social media, etc., because they are relieving stress and using any of these activities to cope.


Meditation and mindfulness allow you to tap into our own personal power which helps you to be personally more effective. It doesn’t matter what the company does, it matters to your own personal self-esteem and worth.


Meditation and mindfulness allow you to tap into the Creative Source and the Source of all things. I call this source God. We are made up of more than just our minds and our bodies. Our souls and hearts need nourishment and to be fed. That is what makes us human by having a soul that we can nurture and pay attention to. Our souls are the true essence of who we are.


Practicing meditation and mindfulness allows us to experience God’s presence and power in our lives while also receiving love, guidance, peace, joy, clarity and direction. That allows us to maximize our personal effectiveness.


Learning to be still, you will find inner strength to do more than cope with what life brings your way. You will live life knowing that you are doing your personal best. You will be creative, productive, confident and effective in all that you do. When you are mindful of this, you won’t need recognition from outside sources. Your strength and peace will come from within.

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