How Meditation and Mindfulness Increase Creativity

Meditation and Mindfullness to Increase Creativity

Creativity is not limited to artists, writers, and musicians. Those in the business world need creativity more than ever. Competition is fierce in the amount of products and the sales expertise needed to sell those products. Meditation and mindfulness help to increase and unleash creativity.


Creativity needs a channel in which to flow. Without this open channel comes creative blocks. When the mind is cluttered, it’s very hard to receive creative ideas.There is no room. Meditation allows room for the mind to expand and to receive that creative flow.


Learning to be still and quieting the mind allows the connection to the Source of all creation. Some call this the Source of all there is. I call this source God. Being still and sitting in God’s presence  renews the mind, body and spirit and allows the creative flow to happen.


Mindfulness goes hand-in-hand with meditation by causing the mind, the eyes, and all of the senses to be hyper aware to the creative spark. This spark comes in the form of images, for instance seeing a picture or an animal in nature, hearing a word or a song lyric can unleash creativity when you are mindful and paying attention.


Practicing meditation and mindfulness allows you to be an excellent listener. When you listen intently, you are able to glean creative nuggets from words or phrases that can lead to a bigger creative idea. Listening to your clients and customers helps to offer creative products and services to help them.


For a sales person or manager who might be facing a huge problem or challenge with a client or co-worker, intense listening will help to discern what the problem is. By learning and listening, a solution can be found.


Inspiration is all around you. Meditation and mindfulness allow you to pay attention.


Learning to quiet the mind for just 10 minutes each day will produce dramatic results in creating space to unleash  and increase creativity. By the way, I can’t tell you how this happens. I just know that it does. Meditation and learning to be still has transformed my life.


If you are experiencing creative blocks, meditation and mindfulness will definitely help you to become unblocked.


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