Meditation Spirituality


The benefits of practicing meditation have spilled into all areas of my life. By learning to “be still” we can accomplish a lot more. It seems counter intuitive that doing less produces more, but I’ve found that to be true.


Meditation has allowed me to gain clarity in my thinking, to become more understanding and less judgmental of others and to feel less stress and anxiety.


For the last ten years or so I have been on a spiritual path. My life was out of balance and I needed to pay more attention to nurturing my soul.


I am so passionate about meditation that I have created an entire site dedicated to not only meditation but to prayer and journaling – or what I call contemplative writing. Please visit http://guidedchristianmeditation.com


I’ve created a guided meditation CD for beginners with relaxing music too. All five cuts can be downloaded immediately after the purchase in MP3 files or a physical CD is also available.


I encourage you to learn the peace and power that comes from quieting your mind.


Jackie Trottmann

These guided meditations combined with beautiful music are based on Psalm 46:10 - "Be still and know that I am God." Quiet your mind and experience God's presence. (Click on the picture to listen to samples, and purchase.)


Are you carrying emotional or physical weight from the past, mistakes, judgments or have a mind filled with cluttered, anxious thoughts? These meditative affirmations will help you lose that weight. (Click on the picture to listen to samples and purchase.)

Let it Go 10 Meditative Affirmations to Let Go and Let God

These relaxing guided meditations combined with beautiful music will help you to enter into a deeper place of trust in God, others, and yourself. (Click on the picture to listen to samples, read testimonials and purchase.)

Trust Meditation CD