Welcome to your Joycation

Thank You for Investing in Your Joy

Make sure you check your email coming from with details about the event and for other fun items that I’ll be sending your way. 

Through the loss of what was my traditional community: attending church each week, attending choir practice each week, getting together with friends and family, and getting together in person with other groups that I’m a part of, I’ve realized how community is so vital to our faith, our health, and our well-being.

After all, God is in community in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

During this time apart, I’ve been in community with new sisters and brothers of faith. Some communities I’ve even started, not with the intention of doing so, but by the work of the Holy Spirit bringing hearts and minds together. 

My heart’s desire is that you will find new traveling companions as a result of embarking on this Joycation. 

We’ll see where this journey takes us. 

I’m excited to be spending this time with you! 

With joy and gratitude, 

Jackie Trottmann