Letting Go Meditation, Prayer and 3 Steps to Letting Go

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To live a life with peace, joy, flow, and freedom, the key is to learn the art of letting go. Letting go is a skill that takes practice. 

Letting go of the burdens you carry and letting God take them is the only way to fully trust God, the Source of joy, flow, and freedom.

The world is constantly changing. We are constantly aging. There are so many things we’ve learned along the course of our lives. Many are not true. 

There are habits, teachings, relationships, ideologies, disappointments, hurts, betrayals, regrets, heartaches, and millions of other things that would lighten our bodies, minds, and spirits, if we would only let go. 

My heart’s desire is that this Letting Go meditation will silence or at least turn down the volume of inner, negative thoughts that rob you of peace and joy and feeling connected to God’s presence. And that the prayer and three steps will guide you to master the art of letting go. 


Letting Go Meditation

The More You Let Go, the More You Live Your Life with Joy, Flow, and Freedom

It is a process. Be gentle with yourself. 

When you receive the email, you can always reach out to me with any questions. I understand how much power there is in letting go. I can tell you first hand that it is the path to freedom. 

In addition to these resources I send an email each Monday to encourage you to live with joy, flow, and freedom.

To letting go, 

Jackie Trottmann

We respect your email privacy