Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Jackie Trottmann Spiritual Director

What is Spiritual Direction?

When you want to better your physical health, you will seek the expertise of a nutritionist or personal trainer.

When you want to change your mindset, overcome habits that don’t serve you, or attend to your mental health, you will seek out a coach, counselor, or therapist.

When dealing with matters of the heart, not the physical heart, but those inner yearnings or desires to have an intimate relationship with God and to become all that God created you to be, the person for that is a Spiritual Director.

SPIRITUAL: It’s focused on God’s Spirit within you and discerning God’s direction in your life. 

DIRECTION: Implies that you are headed somewhere. Directors help their directees pay attention to the movement of God in their lives and in the world through the actual direction of the Holy Spirit.

Why Meet with a Spiritual Director?

We all face challenges in our lives. During these times, it’s important to lean on God for direction, peace, and comfort.

Then there are times when the yearning for God and to truly know God in a deeper way becomes great. It is helpful to have someone to walk beside you that is on the spiritual path.

Areas where spiritual direction can help:

What Spiritual Direction is Not

Spiritual direction is not coaching, although your spiritual director is there to support you. Your director will listen and ask questions, directing you to seek answers from God through prayer, journaling, and scripture. They may recommend reading or other resources to explore.

Spiritual direction is not psychotherapy. Psychotherapy focuses on problem resolution. Progress is based on a change of symptoms such as mood improvement, improved stress management, and higher self-esteem.

However, through prayer and openness to God’s Spirit, you may uncover unconscious psychological dynamics that may impede or restrict spiritual growth.

Psychotherapy focuses on developing a healthy sense of self, confidence, and independence. Spiritual direction also looks to wholeness but focuses on identity being fully realized as a child of God.

How Long Do You Participate in Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction may go on for months or years.

Sessions are 50-60 minutes. At the start of the relationship, you may meet every other week. Typically, you meet once a month unless you feel the desire or need to meet more often. I conduct spiritual direction using Zoom.

I have been seeing a Spiritual Director for 12 years. The results have been so transformative in my relationship with God that I felt God’s call to become a Spiritual Director. It’s important to note that the true Director in spiritual direction is the Holy Spirit.   

If you feel a yearning to connect more deeply with God, to experience God’s movement in your life, to have greater clarity and direction, then spiritual direction may help. Schedule a complimentary call with me. Let’s explore together if spiritual direction is right for you.


Jackie Trottmann Virtual Spiritual Director