Jackie Trottmann Joy and Flow

Hi, I'm Jackie

I help business owners, entrepreneurs, and those wanting to discern God’s movement in their life to live with joy, flow, and freedom.

Is there a yearning inside of you that you can’t quite explain? A yearning for more – but not more as in material things.

Do you believe this yearning is no longer a self-centered desire but a desire to know what God wants for you?

If you seek to be guided by God, this yearning is part of the spiritual process and journey. [Read about my journey]

It requires letting go of blocks getting in the way of living with greater clarity, fulfillment, joy, flow, and freedom. The process is counterintuitive to society’s system of stressing, striving, and acquiring – where more is required, rewarded, and expected.

The spiritual path is one of listening to the still small voice within you in union with the voice of God. The process is abiding which results in thriving.

Here are Four Ways to Get You Started to Live with Joy, Flow, and Freedom

Download the FREE Letting Go Meditation

Letting Go Meditation

It’s the process of letting go that helps us live into joy, flow, and freedom. Do you need to let go? This meditation in the form of an affirmation prayer will help you along with three steps to letting go. 

Four Steps to Flow

Four Steps to Flow Guide

What happens when you let go of stressing and trying to control everything on your own? You learn what it means to abide and be in flow. In this free short guide, I share the story of abiding and trusting God that came in the form of four steps.

Journal Class


You won’t find answers to your deepest questions on Google. The answers are within you. Journaling helps you answer those questions to live life with more meaning. It’s also a powerful way to dialogue with God. 

Spiritual Direction

Jackie Trottmann Spiritual Direction

Want to discuss and focus more deeply on the movement of God in your life? Spiritual Direction is a way to do just that. 

“The Letting Go meditation (and entire CD) has become one of my go-to tools for moving from chaos to calm and clearer thinking. Jackie’s prompts are concise and inspiring. A must-have for anyone who is tired of the rat race and ready to hear divine guidance.” Jill – Life Coach

“I was seeking for the internal me to be at peace. Through the journal class I started writing. It’s helped me find that peace within and to stop focusing on all the outside to do’s that cause so much anxiety. Thank you!” Sue – CEO 

“Living life with joy, flow, and freedom is an inside job.”