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The Be Still CD will help you to quiet your mind. This is a great introduction to meditation, or to be used as stress relief or devotional time. Using Be Still on a regular basis will help you to silence racing or negative thoughts and help you to experience God’s peace and presence in a deeper way.

Let it Go

The Let it Go meditation is made up of short meditative affirmations that you can use for what you need that day. These meditations were developed as healing and affirming meditations.

When you learn to be still, you may experience hurts from the past or unresolved issues. These hurts need to be brought to light so that they can heal.

There are ten affirmations to choose from.

Trust Meditation

As you learn to quiet your mind by being still, and you’ve let go of hurts from the past, you can go even deeper into meditation with Trust. While the other meditations emphasize making conscious contact with God, Trust you can use if you wish to fall asleep and relax.

Trust will instantly calm you and refresh you, so that you can be empowered to face the world.



The Be Still, Let it Go, and Trust Meditation CD Bundle provides 16 different meditations and 5 additional instruction and inspirational tracks.


Be Still 

Be Still Music


Letting Go

Letting Go of Judgments


Trust Meditation

Trust Meditation Music Example


“Your programs have been and ARE such a blessing to me. Your meditations are a help to me as I trust God in navigating this journey of healing & restoration. Life is becoming Brighter for me. They also help my family. When Daddy is doing well, everyone else in the house does better. Thank you! If it helps one person, it is all worth it.” 🙂 God bless & keep you, Jonathan

“Peace. Real peace. The kind of peace that will get you through life threatening surgeries, financial worries, relationship failures, or any number of other anxieties that may confront you as soon as you get out of bed in the morning just doesn’t fall out of the sky! It comes to us by working at it each day and having an ongoing relationship and connection with God. The set is a must have for those who are serious about knowing the true joy of the Lord. You will find yourself going back them again and again.” George

“When I started guided meditation practice, it was important to me to find Scripture-based meditations. Jackie’s meditations fit the bill perfectly. I start my day by listening to one or more of the tracks, and I can honestly say my morning worship is so much richer because of it. Jackie’s voice is just lovely, and clearly this is a God-blessed ministry with which she has been gifted.” Catherine


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