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The Freedom to EAT – 10 Secrets for Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace chronicles my struggle with physical, emotional, and spiritual weight and the 10 Secrets I discovered to set myself free. The Let it Go Meditation CD is the companion to the 10 Secrets.


“I have struggled with my weight all of my life and for the first time I feel as if you have pointed me in the direction of The Truth and it is setting me free. I am following a low carb, high fat diet and was losing weight but was still a bit preoccupied with food. Not sure if I was eating from hunger or one of my many other reasons for eating. Then I read your inspirational book, The Freedom to EAT and listened to the meditation CDs. I have experienced a new level of freedom from all those unnecessary food thoughts. I eat so much less but feel so satisfied and am getting on with my life which is opening up again. I am one grateful woman! So much of the battle was in my mind! Thank you so much! – Kathleen

“The reason I enjoyed your book is to put it simply – it’s freedom to live an all-around balanced life! I think it was brilliant of you to have the sections so short. It made it really easy to just keep reading. This is a book that once you start, you just want to finish it and start doing what it says! I am now living Secret 7. I am loving life. There’s no stopping me! God bless you! – Renee

“I travel all over the world speaking to women about their passion and calling and, unfortunately, I often find that many of them are suffering in secret. They are held captive and limited by pain from their past, struggles with weight loss, an attack on their confidence and identity. The message shared in this book is refreshing and provides real hope for women who desire to take back their freedom to eat and live life abundantly. Jackie’s approach to this age-old struggle helps women go from suffering in secret to leveraging ten secrets to lasting weight loss and inner peace.” Lethia Owens, International Speaker and Founder of Audacious Faith – A Christ-Centered Community for Business Women


“Our histories are very similar, deceased father was also and alcoholic – many challenges with being an adult of an alcoholic parent. Your messages and meditation CD keep me grounded with constant reminders of letting go and letting God.” Aldona

“Thank you for showing me how to let go through these meditations. Letting Go is something that I am still learning and I’m asking God to help me. I need help because I find myself sometimes going backwards. These meditations keep me on track.” Chris

The Freedom to EAT Secrets and Let it Go Meditation CD Tracks

  • Track 1: How all the Meditations Build on Each Other (7:36)
  • Track 2: Awareness Meditation (7:23)
  • Track 3: Acceptance Meditation (8:16)
  • Track 4: Letting Go of Judgments (8:07)
  • Track 5: Letting Go Meditation (6:05)
  • Track 6: Letting Go of Cravings Meditation (7:30)
  • Track 7: Discover Your Strengths and Talents Meditation (5:03)
  • Track 8: Start Loving Life Meditation (5:52)
  • Track 9: Invest In Yourself Meditation (6:05)
  • Track 10: Letting Go of Clutter Meditation (6:23)
  • Track 11: Embracing Unlimited Potential (6:47)

With the purchase of the Let it Go Meditation CD, you also receive the MP3 downloads within minutes of your purchase so that you can listen right away. That’s an additional $12.99 value.

Letting Go

Letting Go of Judgments

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May you experience a lighter body, mind, and spirit as you discover The Freedom to EAT and what it truly means to let go and let God.



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