Trust Meditation CD

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Do you fully trust God? Or do you let worry and anxiety steal your peace, even your sleep?

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

Experience a deeper trust in God, yourself and others through the Trust meditation.

Retreat to this soothing place of trust. The Trust Meditation was designed to instantly calm your mind and spirit.

There are three options: 1) a guided meditation set to soothing music (talking throughout), 2) music only, 3) a version that leads you into music then gently leads you out of the meditation.

With the purchase of the Trust Meditation CD, you also receive the MP3 downloads within minutes of your purchase so that you can listen right away. That’s an additional $12.99 value.


Trust Meditation

Trust Meditation Music Example


  • Why Trust is Important (6:38)
  • Track 1: Preparation (3.46)
  • Track 2: Trust Guided Meditation (17:20)
  • Track 3: Meditation Music (17:20)
  • Track 4: Contemplative Meditation – Lead in – music only – lead out (17:17)

Testimonials Trust Meditation CD

“I listen to your mediation every time I get on a plane. I’m scared of flying and it brings me into the presence of God.” 🙂 Denise

“I listen to Trust when I fight insomnia and LOVE it. Thank you for creating it and sharing it with us all. Your voice paired with the music is super soothing and the faith element is EXACTLY what I needed! Again, thank you!!” Gina

“Jackie, I lost trust in someone and felt very lost. I wasn’t sure what to do next until I listened to your Trust CD. It gave me a great deal of peace. I learned to trust God that my situation was handled and there was no need to worry or fret.

Thanks for the great products Jackie! I keep going back to them again and again to retain that lasting peace that surpasses all understanding.” George


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Trust Meditation CD Tracks

  • Why Trust is Important (6:38)
  • 1: Preparation (3.46)
  • 2: Trust Guided Meditation (17:20)
  • 3: Meditation Music (17:20)
  • 4: Contemplative Meditation – Lead in – music only – lead out (17:17)


It’s purpose is to bring you into a deeper place of peace, clarity, and trust in God. Trust is excellent in eliminating worry and anxiety and will even turn off restless thoughts to help you sleep.


Trust Meditation

Trust Meditation Music Example


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