The hardest part of preparing a turkey is getting it out of the silly bag! Then it’s taking the metal piece out of the turkey.

You need to loosen the metal away from the drumsticks/legs – just push the end of the leg bone out from under the metal piece. Then, reach inside the turkey and pinch the metal together at the base. It’s kind of like a spring. When you pinch the two sides together, it releases the grip and it will pop open. Then you can get that thing out of your bird. I swear this is the hardest part to cooking a turkey – unwrapping the darn thing!  For complete details, read more of how to cook a turkey.

Another tip… If the metal is frozen into the turkey, you may have to run some cool water over it to loosen it’s grip. Also, don’t forget to check both cavities, the inside where the metal piece is and under it’s behind. There is a package of giblets under the skin. You don’t want to cook the turkey with that inside! 

Don’t forget to breathe! Happy Thanksgiving!