Shop to Help Others and Shop thru the HeartFeel Good about Shopping When you Shop to Help Others


Now you can help others when you shop. Shop to Help Others is a Charlotte, North Carolina company that has developed a unique Internet shopping program designed to change how America gives. Shop to Help Other’s mission is to develop on-going income streams for non-profits and charitable organizations through participation in an innovative Internet shopping campaign known as “Shop Thru the Heart”. When I was introduced to this program, I just had to spread the word!


 By simply clicking on the Shop To Help Others’ logo, Shop to Help Others provides Internet shoppers with an opportunity to “Shop Thru the Heart” at over 300 online retailers and at no cost to the shopper, a donation will be made to a charity of their choice. If you’ve been looking for a way to help others or are a charitable organization that can use more help, you’ll want to read more!


 Founded by Karl Wall, Shop to Help Others was launched in the Fall of 2009 and began by working with many organizations in the Charlotte Region. The program is quickly spreading across the United States.


 If you are looking for a way to help others or if your organization needs help, Shop to Help Others is a great resource! People are hurting and charities are hurting. Everyone wants to help, but maybe they can’t. While it’s great to be able to give time and even canned goods to help charities, what is needed on an on-going basis is cash to be able to keep operations going and provide the services needed. That’s where people can truly help when they “Shop thru the Heart”.


 You can make a difference when you do your shopping simply by “Shopping thru the Heart”. Your purchase will generate a donation to your charity of choice. That means that every time you “Shop thru the Heart” you will help someone. How great is that?


 Small actions can add up to big results. The more people that “Shop thru the Heart” the more people will be helped. All it takes is making a conscious decision to “Shop thru the Heart.”


 So, if an office purchases office supplies, books hotels and travel for employees, they can “Shop thru the Heart” and their purchases will generate donations to one of the great charities listed on the website.

 These small actions together add up to significant donations. So, you can feel good about making a purchase and helping a cause.


 To find out more visit and pass this link onto others: