With my question of – what are you plugged into – you may be thinking that I’m plugged into The Mandalorian and The Child, a.k.a. Grogu. Well… that is correct. I fell in love with the Disney series and this little one as soon as I saw him. But this question goes way beyond being plugged into the Star Wars franchise.

For my birthday Robert bought me an iPad. (Like my screen saver?) While I have an iPhone that I have finally begun to master, I use a PC for the work I do. The iPad was a little new to me.

I was going to watch a training video for a course I’m in and found that the iPad was completely dead. The battery had drained all the way down.

While I was getting ready, I plugged in the charger. Unlike my phone, the screen didn’t change. It was still black, yet there was a green light flashing signifying that it was charging.

Being Plugged Into the Right Source

I decided to practice patience and let it charge. After 20 minutes, still nothing. Now I was getting concerned. I Googled what to do with a dead iPad. They said to check the power button. I pressed it and it showed the battery was still red. They also said to let it charge for an hour.

I had work to do, so I left the iPad plugged into the charger. It was several hours later when I came back to check on it. The screen was still black.

Really concerned now, I was going to call Apple. I unplugged the charger and then realized… I had plugged the charger into the blue tooth keyboard and not the iPad. Oops! 😀

The iPad sprang to life.

Plugging Into the Right Sources

This got me thinking about the things we plug into. God is our Source for peace, joy, love, and compassion. We do that through prayer, meditation, stillness, reading God’s Word, and being plugged into fellowship with others.

The perfect verse for being plugged in is Acts 17:28 – In Him we live and move and have our being.

We also plug into activities that inspire and recharge us in what we read, watch, and do.

If we plug ourselves into the news, violent movies or programs, too much social media, anything that disturbs our spirits and steals our joy, we can easily find ourselves shutting down.

So, avoid my iPad mishap and make sure you are plugged into the right Source. That life-giving Source is where we truly live and move and have our being.

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