don’t listen to doubt and fear

Lock Out Doubts and Fears – Step 8 of 21 Days of Focus

Lock Out Doubts and Fears

You have your plan, you’re taking action steps each day. Life is good…until you get interrupted by the voice. It’s the critic that will at some point raise its ugly head. This is the voice of doubt and fear. You must lock out doubts and fears.

Depending on the nature of your goal or dream, the voice will be more insistent. This voice of fear and doubt sounds like this:

               What makes you think you can write a book?

               Lose weight, are you kidding me? You’ve always failed.

               Other people are successful, but not you.

               Are you crazy? You’re too old for this, or, are you crazy? You’re too young for this.

Don’t let the critic stop you. Stick to your plan and take action steps each day.

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