I’ve been doing a lot of work and planning with revising my website and creating new classes. That task is taking a lot of time and energy and I was feeling a little overwhelmed this morning. This message, taken from I Corinthians chapter fourteen verse thirty-three, always comes to mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed or confused:

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.”

Prayer has always been a foundation within the Christian faith. In fact, every religious service contains prayer and usually the famous prayer – The Lord’s Prayer, as a part of the worship service.  While it’s helpful to pray to God about being overwhelmed and asking for help, why not try listening first?  Christian meditation is listening to God. Let God nurture you for a little while by simply sitting in his/her presence.

Her presence?

God is traditionally called our Father in heaven.  But doesn’t God love us like a mother too?  Remember as a little kid when you fell and skinned up a knee pretty badly?  I took so many tumbles that the pigment is gone from my knees!  You probably ran through the door crying with blood streaming down your knee.  Your mother wouldn’t ask for an explanation of how you got hurt and have you stand there and recite the incident.  She would immediately comfort you with hugs and look at the wound.  She’d then wash it up with soap and water and tell you that everything is okay and that you were going to be alright.  She would then dry away your tears.  She didn’t need to know why you were upset.  She saw that you were hurting and took care of your needs.

God knows what our hurts are too. The next time you’re overwhelmed, let God give you a hug through a combination of prayer and meditation.

If you’ve never tried meditation, these guided meditations with meditative music were created to experience the peace and presence of God.