I have to say that I don’t remember a year that so many people were so happy that it was over like 2020! Here we are looking at a brand new year before us. Ever since I hit the half century mark, I have to admit that I am living my life with a little more sense of urgency. There are so many dreams that I want to fulfill.

If I start to get a little impatient all I have to do is think of my mother – when she had turned 89, she was given some shocking news.

We just made a recent trip to the cardiologist. Three and a half years ago she had a heart valve replacement. She’s been having some issues lately, so we went to have a stress test and some other tests performed. Reviewing the tests in the doctor’s office, he came to a stop while reading the report and proceeded to close the folder.

My mother and I looked at each other, thinking the same thought, “This doesn’t look good.” Then we proceeded to state that thought out loud. The doctor expressed concern that there were irregularities and that either the valve wasn’t working properly or that there was a blockage. They would have to do a cardio-catheterization to find out the cause.

Now, my mother has been through practically every operation imaginable. She looked at the doctor and very forcefully said, “We have to get it done right away. You need to fix the problem. I have things to do! I have a book to write; I’m reading to school children, and I’m singing in a show on Valentine’s Day!”

I’m not sure the doctor was expecting that answer and he enthusiastically said, “Yes, we have to get you well to get all of that done!” As you head into this New Year with a fresh start, remember, every day is a fresh start – and – it’s never too late to work on those dreams.

Her tests came back well and she ended up living a very full life until she was 96.