I’ve found the perfect solution to combat all of the gloom and doom out there. Turn off the news and meditate! If there was ever a time to learn to meditate, it’s now. Our senses are assaulted in our new technological age.

Here’s a perfect example. I just took a trip to Dallas. Sitting in the airport, I was amazed at the amount of pure noise going on around me. One of the twenty-four hour news channels was blaring (so much for turning off the news), the windows were vibrating from the sound of the jet engines, people all around me were talking on cell phones and the loud speaker was announcing various boarding instructions. All this was happening as I was trying to concentrate writing an article on my laptop. Can you say sensory overload? Fortunately for me, I have been practicing meditation now for quite some time.

Because of this discipline, I was able to filter out the noise and not let it get to me. If you need to relax and gain some sanity in your life, I urge you to learn how to meditate. You’ll be amazed at how this practice will help you relax and bring more clarity to your life. Ten to fifteen minutes a day is all it takes to gain some sanity. Can’t find the time?

I just heard a statistic that Americans watch 31 hours of television a week!  Here’s an idea – If you have a DVR, surely you can record and plow through that many commercials. That will give you ten to fifteen minutes in a one hour program to meditate, right? Here’s a short guided meditation to help you: Breath in Peace, Breathe Out Fear meditation.

Can you tell I’m a little passionate about this? So much so that I’ve created a host of meditations. You can find out how these meditations are helping others and listen to samples at the Joy and Flow Store. Relax! Learn to meditate.