I believe that a great cause of stress is not knowing the truth about what is happening in the world around us, and not living our own lives from a place of truth.

How Do We Know What’s True in Our Culture?

During this global pandemic, we need to be informed. But how do we know what’s true?

I miss Walter Cronkite. He was an American broadcaster that during the 1960’s and 1970’s was called “the most trusted man in America.”

There was no Twitter or Facebook or Tik Tok, or a zillion media channels. There were only three major news networks and only one Walter Cronkite. You could trust him to tell the truth.

Here in the US, the political climate is so divided. What is the truth? Who is truthful?

The Definition and Importance of Truth

I like these two definitions of truth. 1) A verified or indisputable fact, proposition, or principle. 2) The state or character of being true.

One of our basic human needs is the need for safety. We need to have our physical needs met of food, water, comfort, and rest. Followed by feeling safe in our surroundings. Then having our need of belonging met through intimate relationships and friends. When these needs aren’t met, life is very stressful. Uh… can you say, now?

Part of feeling safe is knowing what is true. You can put your trust in something or someone that is true.

As humans, we like certainty. Knowing the truth allows us to accept circumstances and situations. We know what to do to move forward.

I don’t watch the many crime shows on television. My favorite form of fiction, however, are mysteries. I refrain from the books with graphic violence and language. My mind and spirit won’t allow me to read them.

As I’m writing this, I realize why I love them so much (other than I love a good story). At the end, the crime is solved, good triumphs over evil, but most importantly, the truth is told.

There is no he said she said. There is no doubt or question what happened. In the end, you know what is true.  

Living Your Own Life from Truth

The Apostle Paul says in Hebrews that, “the word of God is living and active; it is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” And Proverbs 30:5 says, “Every word of God proves true.”

The reason I started sending emails with Bible verses is that I’ve discovered that I am able to live with joy and flow when I embrace the truth of God’s Word through the many ups and downs in life. The more I abide in God’s Word, the more peace and less stress that I feel. That’s my heart’s desire for you too.

One of my favorite verses that has deep meaning for me is, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:31

The truth is, I used to stuff my feelings down with food and alcohol. I used to be extremely self-critical, stressing and striving to prove my self-worth. And when I was much younger, I sought love in all the wrong places.

Denial and busyness were my closest friends. I didn’t live from a place of truth.

That all changed after waking up to the truth of who and Whose I am. Now I’m free, a new creation.

God’s Word is Truth

While we are on this side of heaven, we will need to discern what is true in our daily lives as the events in the world unfold.

When we live from a place of truth, we live with authenticity and freedom within.

We can trust in God to be faithful in providing love, comfort, and provision. We are loved, forgiven, and set free. And that is truth that we can hold onto.

If you want to read about my complete story and how through God’s love I was finally set free, it’s all in The Freedom to Eat – 10 Secrets for Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace. Signed copy or digital version.