A very wise person told me that there is no such thing as being overwhelmed –  it’s a lack of setting priorities. 

Think about that for a little while.

If you’re like me, I always have a to do list a mile long.  I never accomplish what I set out to do, because I have too much to do!  If I cut that list by a fourth or fifth, I then start to actually get something done.

Stress and Overwhelm Happen Because of Expectations

Most of us have expectations bigger than what we are actually able to do. Plus, when you are in the middle of a big project, it’s always messy. It’s easy to give up because it seems like it will never come together.

The result is feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.  So, go ahead and write that list, if you must, but only tackle a few items each day.

Another culprit is being too connected.  We have cell phones, emails, texting, television, Internet – lots of noise.  There is too much stimulation going on and not enough peace and quiet.  Your mind is just like a computer – it runs out of space.  You need to clear up some space.  How?  Through meditation.

Doing Less Means Less Stress

It may sound crazy, but stopping and getting quiet will actually help you accomplish more.  It will also help you to rest in the present moment and not be overwhelmed and so stressed out.

I am so passionate about meditation that I’ve created a set of guided meditations to make it very easy for you. The meditations came out of the process I learned to quiet my mind, let go of limiting beliefs and past hurts, and through it all trust God. Those three steps: Be Still, Let Go, and Trust, became the three meditations.

So, cut back on your list. Focus on the first things first.  Get quiet.  Set aside ten to fifteen minutes a day.  Less is more!

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