I’m sure that everyone has a to do list. It may be a list that you physically write down, or it may be a list that you keep in your head. (I am learning not to keep mental to do lists swirling in my head anymore, but that’s another blog post!)

Simple To Do Lists

Your list may be as simple as taking clothes to the cleaners, picking up toothpaste at the grocery store, or scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

Depending on your particular life’s situation, these lists will vary. If you are an executive, you will have a list that will include projects to be finished, meetings to schedule, or conference calls to prepare for. If you’re a mom, you’ll have a to list that might involve scheduling activities for your children, carpools, making lunches, or doing housework.

The goal of a to do list is to write down what you have to do so that you can ultimately cross those  items off your list as being done. The to do lists I mentioned are pretty straightforward. They involve tasks mostly. But what about those to do lists that are a little more tricky? They are the big life to do lists.

Difficult To Do Lists

It might involve having to have an uncomfortable confrontation with a friend, coworker, or family member. Something has happened or there is an ongoing pattern where the relationship is stuck. A necessary but difficult conversation needs to happen in order to move the relationship in a positive direction. Your stomach knots up in a ball as you imagine how that person will react to what you have to say.

God’s To Do List

This task you put on God’s to do list. God’s to do lists are for those things that we can’t accomplish within our own power. These are items that only God can fulfill.

It doesn’t have to be a negative situation. It can be a very positive situation. If you have a dream or goal and you don’t know how it will come to fruition, put it on God’s to do list.

Ultimate trust comes when we can hand it over to God without worry or without hesitation. We let it go and leave that in God’s hands. And I mean let it go.

Work on your list and leave God’s list up to Him. If it’s an extremely large or painful task, your side of the to list is to ask for peace (here’s a Prayer for Peace), clarity, guidance and trust. Let God do the rest.

You have a Companion in the big things and in the little things. You have two lists. Take advantage of them both. Was this helpful?

If you’ve attended church for a long time and you have wanted to be closer to God but just don’t feel God’s presence in a deep way, this free mini course can help you Be Present with God. Watch the short video and access the course. It will make turning some of those items to God much easier!