Develop a Plan for Dreams and Goals – Step 1 of 21 Days of Focus

You Have to Have a Plan

If you contracted with a builder to build a house, you would expect to see an architectural plan. They wouldn’t just show up one day and start building! Your dreams, goals or projects need a plan too.

Block out time and make a list of what you want to accomplish.  This is an exercise to get the dream, goal or project out of your head and on to paper. Dreams and goals become a reality by writing them down. This sets the universe in motion as you start taking action.


Find a quiet place, ideally early in the morning before the demands of the day start, or late at night when the hustle and bustle of the day is done. Everyone has a magical time when the heart opens and a creative flow happens. For some people that time is morning (that is the time for me). For others it may be late at night. Get a notebook or journal (I keep volumes of journals) and write down your dream, goal or project and what kind of a plan you would need to accomplish it.

Need an example? Here’s what I did to create my meditation CD Be Still.

I had the desire to create a meditation CD that would incorporate Scripture, would have beautiful music and would be quiet so that you could listen anywhere.

I happened to mention my desire to my friend, Steve Schenkel at the gym we both attended. I’d just seen Steve perform a beautiful concert at my church. When I said I wanted to create a meditation CD, his response was, “I’ve always wanted to do a meditation CD. Let’s do it!”

So, just like that, I had a composer, musician, and production person to co-create this CD with me. It didn’t happen without a plan. The plan consisted of the following steps:

  1. Writing the text for the meditation
  2. Recording the voice over in the studio
  3. Steve then composed music to go with each track
  4. Editing and production
  5. Listening to proof and creating a master recording
  6. Searching for photos to use in the artwork
  7. Hiring a designer to create the cover
  8. Sending the CD and artwork to a replication company
  9. Getting samples to play on my website
  10. Setting up a page for sale on my website
  11. Setting up Paypal and a shopping cart for customers to purchase
  12. Setting up emails to deliver the downloadable version

There were many hours involved to bring this meditation CD to fruition.  Each one of these pieces had various steps to complete.  That’s where Step 2 happens:  Take Action on Your Plan in Small Steps.

So, Step 1 – You Have to Have a Plan

Until next time…. Stay focused!


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