Review Your Plan at the End of the Day


Reviewing your plan each morning helps you to focus on the day and take the action steps needed to move forward. Reviewing your plan at the end of the day helps to see the progress that you have made.

Before you go to bed at night, review your plan and think about the steps that you took today to move closer to completing your project or pursuing your dreams. If you don’t feel you made progress, remember not to have an all or nothing attitude. Think of something good that happened that day. It’s a good habit to do this every day. In fact, think of three things that were good that happened. It helps to program you for happiness and staying positive.

Reviewing this before you go to sleep sets the sub-conscious mind into motion. Your dreams can be percolating while you are dreaming!  In the morning you may have more clarity or direction.

This will bring us to Step 8 – Lock Out Doubts and Fears

Step 1 – You Have to Have a Plan

Step 2 – Take Action on your Plan in Small Steps Every Day

Step 3 – Don’t have an all or Nothing Attitude

Step 4 – Focus on Your Strengths

Step 5 – Meditate or Think on your Plan

Step 6 – Get rid of Distractions

Step 7 – Review your Plan at the End of the Day

 Until next time…. Stay focused!