Meditate on Your Dreams

Make it a habit to review your plan every morning. If you’ve never practiced meditation, it is a powerful tool for life. The word meditation means to think, intend or plan. Sit quietly and think about your plan and how you intend to carry out your action steps that day. Surrender your plan to your Creator and listen for additional guidance.

Your plan may require the help of others or the support of others. We discovered in our last step that we all have strengths and things we are good at. Those things that we aren’t so good at may be best delegated to someone else so that we can focus on our strengths.

As an Internet consultant and writer, I’m not around people very much. The majority of my day is spent sitting in front of a computer. Sadly, one of my strengths is Relator. The definition from StrengthFinder  for Relator is – People who are strong in the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. Since my dream is to be a published author, I joined the St. Louis Publishers Association, not only to learn about the publishing industry but to also be connected to people and other authors to keep my motivation high and to fulfill my need of having personal relationships.

Spending this quiet time in the morning will help center you and give you more focus throughout your day.

This will bring us to Step 6 – Get Rid of Distractions

Step 1 – You Have to Have a Plan

Step 2 – Take Action on your Plan in Small Steps Every Day

Step 3 – Don’t have an all or Nothing Attitude

Step 4 – Focus on Your Strengths

Step 5 – Meditate or Think on your Plan

Until next time…. Stay focused!