Live Your Life from Values and Purpose – Step 19 of 21 Days of Focus

Focus is only lasting if it is fueled by your values and purpose. In Step 14 we talked about creating balance in your life and how life is a series... Read More

Practice Awareness in All Things – Step 18 of 21 Days of Focus

Awareness in all things is a powerful tool for life. In Step 10, Listen to What Expands You, I asked the question if you were experiencing more clarity. Awareness allows... Read More

Feed Your Mind and Soul with Good Food – Books and Programming – Step 17 of 21 Days of Focus

Just as it’s important to feed your body good nutrition in step 14, creating balance, it’s important to feed your mind and soul with good food that inspires and motivates... Read More

Clear Clutter from your Mind and Work Space – Step 16 of 21 Days of Focus

When you clear clutter from your mind and work space, you will increase your focus. Perhaps clutter is not an issue for you. If so, congratulations! But I would venture... Read More

Review and Track your Progress for Goals, Dreams, Projects – Step 15 of 31 Days of Focus

Reviewing and tracking your progress is very rewarding. Having a focused plan, taking action steps, thinking on your plan in the morning and at night, hopefully, will have lead to... Read More

Balance Life and Work – Step 14 of 21 Days of Focus

To balance life and work means to not let focus turn into burnout. If your focus is too intense, you can become out of balance. I have learned this lesson... Read More

Where do You Spend Your Time – Step 13 of 21 Days of Focus

To stay focused and reach your goals and dreams, it’s important to ask yourself, where do you spend your time? Growing up as a child of the 50’s, there were... Read More

Avoid Negative People and Surround Yourself with Positive People – Step 12 of 21 Days of Focus

  Prioritizing these 21 focus steps was not easy. To avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive people could have easily been step one or two because this step... Read More

How to Deal with Overwhelm – Step 11 of 21 Days of Focus

Overwhelm – How do you deal with it? Your focus journey started ten days ago. Hopefully you are executing your plan one step at a time. While, this twenty-one days is... Read More

Listen to What Expands You – Step 10 of 21 Days of Focus

Activities either expand us or contract us. Simply stated, it’s participating in activities that make you feel energized and alive as opposed to irritable and dead inside. A good example... Read More