Stop Thinking About Losing Weight to Lose Weight

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A Prayer to Stop Anxiety and Anxious Thoughts

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How to Follow Your Bliss – 5 Tips to Help you Follow Your Bliss

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Celebrate Progress and Success – Step 21 of 21 Days of Focus

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Seek Out Mentors, Coaches and Partners – Step 20 of 21 Days of Focus

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Live Your Life from Values and Purpose – Step 19 of 21 Days of Focus

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Practice Awareness in All Things – Step 18 of 21 Days of Focus

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Feed Your Mind and Soul with Good Food – Books and Programming – Step 17 of 21 Days of Focus

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Clear Clutter from your Mind and Work Space – Step 16 of 21 Days of Focus

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Review and Track your Progress for Goals, Dreams, Projects – Step 15 of 31 Days of Focus

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