What Do You Really Need to Give Up for Lent and Always

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5 Coping Tips to Bring Light to COVID Dark Times Ahead

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At Home with God

Home – just the word can cause positive or negative feelings. The dictionary defines home as: A place of residence The place in which one’s domestic affections are centered The... Read More

God’s Manufacturer’s Warranty

Unlike a bookshelf or barbecue pit you need to assemble (almost always guaranteed to have a bolt or two left over when you’re done), we come into this world whole.... Read More

What I Learned During COVID-19

Here is what I learned during COVID-19 (with pictures) and I would love for you to share in the comment section what you have learned. COVID-19 Brought out the Best... Read More

The Light Always Overcomes the Darkness

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Do You Know the Truth?

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We Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Would you like to have a crystal ball to see the future as opposed to hearing, we walk by faith and not by sight? As a present for Robert last... Read More

What Are God Moments

What are God moments? They are moments when we experience that oneness with God, creation, or other people. I feel that oneness a lot in nature. Those moments when I... Read More

Sanctification is Like a Car Wash

You probably never thought about sanctification like going through a car wash. The Psalmist says, “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”... Read More