If you are constantly thinking about losing weight and fail at losing weight, I have good news for you – stop thinking about losing weight!

For three decades, losing weight was at the top of most of my thoughts. While I lost weight, I never kept it off. I go into much greater detail in my book: The Freedom to Eat – 10 Secrets for Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace

Our minds are extremely powerful. Through our thoughts we create our reality. Thinking too much about losing weight may be keeping you from losing weight.

Think about it…  🙂

In our sensory and technology driven world we are bombarded with images and thoughts simultaneously. These are the marketing images of:

• The ideal body

• Six pack abs

• Perfect skin

• Perfect hair

• Perfect clothing and accessories

Our Mind is Always Thinking

• All of these images filter into our own conclusions. Translation: “We aren’t good enough.”

• Acting as a calculator, the mind is calculating calories, carbs, good foods, bad foods

• Mental judgments start in thought forms of: “You shouldn’t have eaten that. You have no will power. You can’t lose weight. You’ll never look like…”

• The scale is one more reminder, if the news is bad, to set off more mental judgments

Think, think, think

Add to those thoughts how hungry you are because you’ve decided to go on one more drastic diet! With all of these thoughts, it’s amazing that we can even function.

So, how do you stop thinking about losing weight to lose weight?

First you decide that all of this thinking is getting you nowhere, but feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Then you find ways to clear out the obsessive, negative thoughts.

How do you clear obsessive and negative thoughts?

Going on a media diet can help. Start cutting back on what you are feeding your mind through social media, magazines, and television. This means being selective. If what you are reading or participating in does not make you feel good, don’t participate.

Meditation and meditative practices like contemplative prayer, contemplative writing and yoga can help to focus on the present moment and clear away cluttered and anxious thoughts. Meditation allows you to be still and listen to what your body needs.

If you are experiencing the: on a diet, off a diet merry-go-round, you have most likely short circuited your body’s internal regulating system to let you know when you are full. We were given amazing bodies. When we pay attention to them, our body tells us what we need.

Asking for Divine Intervention

We are made up of mind, body and spirit. When we neglect one of these areas, our lives spiral out of balance. It’s easy to be out of balance because we live in a culture of materialism. Mass marketing focuses on telling us how we are supposed to look, what to possessions to have and how to conform to an ideal image.

When we only focus on the physical we’ve lost sight of the richness inside of us that makes each of us unique. We weren’t created to be anxious and fearful we were created to live, love and thrive.

When I’m facing a tough time, I always turn to prayer. My all time, favorite prayer is – Help.  🙂 

You can download the Letting Go Meditation and Prayer for free. This is one of 10 Meditative Affirmations based on the 10 secrets from The Freedom to Eat book.

Is too much thinking keeping you from losing weight? You can change that right at this moment by clearing out some of those cluttered thoughts. Cut down on what you feed your mind and your body by learning the power of being still and listening to the truth within you. You’ll feel lighter in more ways than one. So…. what do “you” think?


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